Below you will find our drink and food menus and our

VAPIANO Momenti.


Relax with an

original Italian Cappuccino

or get a glass of wine to your pasta

at Happy Hour.

We dare you to try our VAPIANO cocktails.


Bar Bites❣️



To share, to enjoy, to wine or simply to your favorite pasta. Our antipasti. Original Italian and always made with love!


Our homemade soups: perfect with pasta, salad or accompanied by a crispy bruschetta.


Every day, we make our pizza dough with fresh yeast, fine flour, pure water, a little vegetable oil and some sugar and salt. 

 Totally vegan, totally yummy.


A small grain is a big thing at VAPIANO.

The classic of Italian cuisine -

in three irresistible, wonderfully creamy variations.


We suggest to lift your mood with concluding your meal with one of our Dolci.

Here at VAPIANO we prepare our Dolci  from many good ingredients, every day.

Homemade and handmade.

And by the way - of course, we also bake our own cakes every day.

With much love and selected ingredients.


We make our pasta fresh every day. It has only two carefully selected ingredients - water and durum wheat semolina

or whole wheat flour.

 And just as carefully we produce 10 different types of pasta in our Manifattura.

Each with their own special characteristics.

Ak your chef,

which shape goes best with your pasta sauce.


Our salads - colorful, fresh and crispy. Hand selected ingredients and homemade dressings. Because we make our dressings in every single Vapiano ourselves, no preservatives or additives.


Choose from a selection of six dressings; 

from our arugula mustard to Cesare dressing or balsamico.


Do you already know our great kids dishes for all children up to 12 years?

Kids Pasta Pomodoro, Bolognese

or classic with Parmesan and some butter - even with our awesome,  handmade airplane pasta -

or kids pizza Margherita, Pepperoni or Funghi.